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Help with Color and Decor

“Your home should be your sanctuary!  The place where you recharge your battery, relax, and feel nurtured.”  Having the floor plan and the rooms in your home be supportive to your needs is paramount.  Often, a second set of eyes on your situation will can bring you the experience you need.  With years of color and design work, we can bring you the equitable solutions you need!

From One of My Books

I wrote this 25 years ago in one of my first books which was on Amazon’s best seller list for 3 years.  I will help you transform your space into something you love .  As an Interior Decorator in Tampa, it gives me plenty of opportunity to work with all sorts of people in different professions.  After 38 years of experience, with all types of situations, including large Tampa Beach buildings, buildings in Washington, D.C. or restaurants, residential settings and even churches, I always find the goal is very simple.  Have my client’s love their space!

Press the Gold Button

This is an opportunity to see how much you can save on a project.  Many times, people do not need a great deal of help.  They only need a few special ideas from an experienced Interior Decorator and Paint Color Specialist who knows her work.  You will be more than satisfied by Sally’s efforts.  No matter whether your are building a new home, office, restaurant or just remodeling a home or condominium, Sally can help!

All you need is a ``Second Set of Eyes``.

Just to make you feel confident!

This is Something I hear all of the time!

Client’s tell me all the time, ” I don’t want to purchase anything!”  Well relax, Sally is not selling anything.  You get all of our discounts especially when it comes to Paint Color and any furnishings.  So when you work with Sally, you get all of her discounts.  As a Paint Color Consultant often I am asked to latter help with kitchens, flooring, furnishings etc.  The Interior Decorating part is absolutely paid by my time and nothing else.  By the way, the cost of paint is going through the roof.  I offer as much as 50% discounts on particular paints.

Once we have selected the colors you want, your painter will give you an estimate.  If you prefer to do it yourself, I just call the paint store and tell them what you will need.  It is that simple.

If you are concerned about large bills for decorating and consulting services? Don’t be! We do not “UP-Charge” for any of the items we might purchase for you or with you. We give you the receipts and you pay it. In fact we offer all of our discounts to our clients and always have.  That includes the cost of Paint which can be considerable. You pay for our time and mileage only! That’s it.

Take Your Ultimate Chance